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Something I insist on doing is getting feedback from clients at the end of projects. It’s not just because I like reading kind words about the studio, but more that it helps us improve how we do things here.

We’ve been lucky to work with the fantastic people at Capitalmind recently to act as their design partners, while they develop a new focus for their company. We’ve just finished a information architecture, user experience and visual design project with them which they’re going to use to develop their brand new website. We can’t share much, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the visuals in Figma ๐Ÿ‘€

A screengrab of Figma that shows two artboards. One for @min and one for @max. 

The design is minty green with purple accent colours. The main headline on the artboards is "Elevate your journey to wealth". There's preceding content that is deliberately cropped.

The reason I’m writing this post though, is the feedback from these clients was especially nice. Being a proud owner of this studio, I wanted everyone to see:

Hi Andy,

I would like to conclude our engagement with this message of appreciation for you and the team:

We chose Set Studio because we were looking for a design agency that not only had a strong understanding of design principles but also had the ability to cut through the clutter and focus on what truly mattered for our brand.

Working with Andy, Leanne and others who worked behind the scenes was a great experience. They maintained a comprehensive perspective while paying attention to every detail, seamlessly weaving everything together into a stunning design. We would highly recommend Set Studio to anyone in need of professional and effective design services.

Andy introduced us to priority guides that allowed us to dive deep into what we wanted to convey through our website and how we wanted it to flow. It provided us with a solid foundation to build upon and we really appreciate that input. Plus, he is super organised and exceptional with his updates that made working with them very easy.

Andy, I have identified your superpower. Your ability to strike a balance between giving us what we wanted and not including elements that you believed wouldn’t add value to our brand was truly commendable.

I hope we grow bigger from here and come back to you with more work ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best!


Akanksha Maulik – Main stakeholder at Capitalmind

Now, the complete success of this project was only possible because Akanksha and the rest of the Capitalmind team really embraced the process that we use here at the studio. This was my response:

Hey Akanksha, 

That is such a kind message, thank you. You and your team have been an absolute dream client to work with. You gave us the space to do what we do and you were super responsive and productive with feedback. That’s helped all of us produce some truly stunning design work together, as partners. 

Please make sure that if at any point during the build phase, if some of the visual details we’ve designed are tricky to implement or not clear, you reach out in Slack. We’d be more than happy to advise. 

We’d love to work with you again and really hope that happens in the future. 

All the best with the build, 

I know there’s an element of naval-gazing to this post, but I couldn’t find a better way to demonstrate how effective our process is, even if I tried. Everyone is really happy with the output.

We’ve got some pockets of availability left this year too, so we’d love to help you produce truly stunning websites that work for everyone. All you need to do is see what we’re all about, get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

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