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The founder of Set Studio, a designer and a front-end developer with 15+ years of experience, working with clients as small as new startups and as large as some of the best known, multinational brands.

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The Index: Issue #26

Happy Monday! I’m doing a bit of admin at the moment in relation to bringing Piccalilli back. Some of you might remember the Piccalilli newsletter. It was the precursor to this newsletter. I’m considering moving this newsletter back to Piccalilli because it is only me — Andy — that works on it. I’m finding the […]

The Index: Issue #25

Happy new year! Let's kick off the new year with some Good Links™️. Our pick in this issue has to be the Ease font landing page. It's a certified beaut of a page and a really lovely font.

The Index: Issue #24

This is the last issue of The Index in 2023. Thank you everyone who has subscribed. We at Set Studio hope you have a fantastic holiday period and we’ll catch you in the new year 😊

Work with us in 2024

We outline what we've achieved this year and what we're looking forward to in 2024.

The Index: Issue #23

There's a real mixed bag in this issue, some nice stuff to look at and some really good writing to read. Our pick is An Interactive Guide to CSS Grid. If you've struggled with CSS grid, I'm almost certain this guide will make it make sense for you.

The Index: Issue #22

We've got plenty of really interesting articles for you with a mix of CSS, design and marketing. Our pick of the week has to be Future Fonts. It's a stunning site and frankly, is making my wallet quiver with fear.

The Index: Issue #21

We've got an issue full of stuff that will make your eyes smile this week. It's been tough to pick a favourite, but we think the new Vercel home page pips the rest.

The Index: Issue #20

We've got some absolute beauties to share with you this week. Our favourite is the stunning redesign of GSAP. It's some of the best work we've seen in a long time.

Simplify sharing with built-in APIs and progressive enhancement

Instead of leaning into heavy social sharing widgets, you can create a truly user-friendly social sharing component that works for everyone, using built-in APIs and progressive enhancement.

The Index: Issue #19

Welcome back! There's some really good links for you to enjoy this week, especially “What Are Accessibility Overlays?. The video is both hilarious and is packed with incredibly useful content about accessibility overlays and how useless and damaging they are.