We are Set Studio

and we make stunning websites.

With a deep understanding of designing and building for the modern web, we help organisations set clear strategic goals and deliver them with confidence.

Clients like Google, Harley-Davidson, The NHS, Oracle, British Cycling, OCEG, Scott’s Bass Lessons, The Natural History Museum and Sky.

Our work

The web is truly global, so we make websites that work for everyone

Modern browsers are incredibly powerful, so we let them do what they do best by providing sensible rules and hints, rather than trying to force them to do what we want them to do, which often resulting in a fragile, broken experience.

This is how we produce genuinely useful experiences for users that actually work for them, regardless of their connection speed, device and abilities. If users get a great experience that actually works for them, they’re more likely to do what you need them to do on your website and not bail out to one of your competitor’s websites.

A Human Future hired us to to bring their creative vision to life, which resulted in a progressively enhanced and inclusive end-product. The site features lots of creative flair, but that only reaches the end-user if they have no preference for reduced motion and their device performance won't be affected.

Google hired us to help them refresh web.dev, while producing a design system and component library for them. This system now enables their development team to quickly iterate on the site, with minimal help from designers. The built in theme toggle for each component helps them to make sure the light and dark themes always look good.

Scott’s Bass Lessons is the largest online bass guitar school. We’ve worked with them from when they were a new startup with only a few hundred subscribers, and helped them evolve into a multi-million dollar company that keeps on growing.

The ideal viewport doesn’t exist. In fact, there are thousands of different viewport combinations, measured by us on real devices. We put together this website to educate designers and developers about how fragmented the web actually is and gave them recommendations on how to work more responsively and produce better experiences for their users.

Our approach

It’s all about taking ideas and refining them into something excellent.

We’ve got a completely flexible approach to projects. The most important aspect is iterating on ideas until we land on a perfect solution.

This approach is at the core of everything we do to build excellent websites and we know you’ll absolutely love it.

Learn more about our approach

We started working with Set on a small design system for our resource centre. This allowed us to rapidly iterate and eventually expand to a whole-site redesign with their help. We've built up a really good, ongoing relationship with Set because of the success of this iterative approach, and continue to further improve OCEG with them as our design strategy partners.

— Scott Mitchell, OCEG