We are Set Studio

and we make stunning websites.

It’s that simple. We help organisations set clear goals and deliver them with confidence.

Set Studio brings together a stellar line-up of creatives and technologists who share one goal: use the power of the web to help organisations deliver knockout user experiences.

We believe in transparency. We’re not here to blow your budget with bells and whistles you don’t need. Instead, we’ll help you cut through the noise and get laser-focused on what really matters.

We’ll find the smartest way to achieve your ambition and ensure you can sustain it, just like our team members have for great companies like these, over the years.

Clients like Google, Harley-Davidson, The NHS, Oracle, British Cycling, OCEG, Scott’s Bass Lessons, The Natural History Museum and Sky.

The web is truly global, so we make websites that work for everyone

We let the browser do what it does best, by giving it solid rules and hints. We let the browser make the right decisions for the people that visit the websites we make – based on their device, connection quality and capabilities.

This is how they get a genuinely great user experience that works for them.

How we get it done

Progressive enhancement

Fluid type & space

Flexible layouts

The result

Build Excellent Websites is a project that we launched with an aim to help people build more resilient websites, by letting the browser have more control. It accompanied a popular talk that our founder, Andy Bell delivered.

How we work

At Set Studio, our approach is what guarantees the quality of the work we produce.

We know that the trick to delivering successful products is to remove ambiguity. That’s why we always start with the brief.

We’ll work with you to get a 360° view of your goals – hearing from your stakeholders, in-house experts and product teams. We’ll also carry out research to understand what your audience needs from you.

We’ll use this to create a transparent, value-centred brief, grounded in data.

If you want us to execute it for you, we’ll build an exceptionally talented team tailored to your needs. We’ll hand-pick the best people from our highly skilled in-house experts and fully vetted freelancers.

We are honest, creative, and nimble, and we work best with clients who trust us to chart the right course to their goals.

What we offer

Creative web design and campaigns

Designing websites that are as beautiful to use as they are to look at is our MO.

Our secret? We’re passionate about using web standards to create inclusive, performant websites that everyone can use.

And we only build what we need to. That’s why we take the time to understand business goals and user needs, before finding creative solutions to solve them.

I worked with Set on a creative technology build that really set out to do something bold and ambitious from a design perspective. The Set team delivered a result I was thrilled with – outstanding quality to time and budget and a frictionless workflow. Unreservedly recommend Set and already looking forward to working together again.

— Tom Rhumbold, A Human Future

A Human Future hired us to to bring their creative vision to life, which resulted in a progressively enhanced and inclusive end-product. The site features lots of creative flair, but that only reaches the end-user if they have no preference for reduced motion and their device performance won't be affected.

OCEG hired us initially to produce a light design system and pattern library. This project set the basis for a full marketing site redesign and application of their new branding. We continue to work with OCEG as their creative partners — helping them implement their long term strategy.

Design systems

Good design systems help reduce waste in your design and development processes. Solving common problems once, and solving them well, frees up time for innovation.

We work with clients to create resilient, scalable systems that support consistent digital experiences, and help teams work efficiently. We even help clients set up a small system like the example below.

Whether you need help setting up a new design system, or solving gnarly problems with an existing one, we’ve got you covered.

web.dev wouldn't be what it is today without Set’s direction. The major redesign, with the new design and component systems they shipped have set our team up for the future.

— Paul Kinlan, Google

Google hired us to help them refresh web.dev, while producing a design system and component library for them. This system now enables their development team to quickly iterate on the site, with minimal help from designers. The built in theme toggle for each component helps them to make sure the light and dark themes always look good.

Consultancy and strategy development

Discovery & research to help you build excellent products and services.

Great products start with a well-defined and persuasive mission.

We work with leaders and product teams to refine goals and articulate a strategy that everyone can get behind.

We’ll help you put together a crystal clear brief, which we can deliver for you, or hand over for your team to run with.

Working with Set has been a dream. They approach projects from a strategic standpoint, always keeping the bigger picture in mind, and deliver top class work. They’re always super organised too. If you have the chance to work with them, do it!

— Scott Devine, Scott’s Bass Lessons

Scott’s Bass Lessons is the largest online bass guitar school. We’ve worked with them from when they were a new startup with only a few hundred subscribers, and helped them evolve into a multi-million dollar company that keeps on growing.

It’s all about taking ideas and refining them into something excellent.

No idea starts perfect and the best way to get that perfect result is through an iterative process. That’s how we do it, here at Set Studio.

We’ll help break down your ideas and refine them with prototypes, research and thorough planning — always building up from the simplest, solid foundations. We know this works and after so much success, our clients won’t do it any other way either.

We started working with Set on a small design system for our resource centre. This allowed us to rapidly iterate and eventually expand to a whole-site redesign with their help. We've built up a really good, ongoing relationship with Set because of the success of this iterative approach, and continue to further improve OCEG with them as our design strategy partners.

— Scott Mitchell, OCEG