We’re a small but nimble distributed design and development studio


We stand for:


The web is global and everyone should get the best experience.

We build websites that work for everyone, regardless of their connection speed, device capabilities or their own abilities. It’s the right thing to do and it enables our clients to reach more people, efficiently and effectively.

Utilising progressive enhancement, everyone gets the right experience for them — not the same experience as everyone else. Users won’t experience fragile, broken interfaces and because of that, they’re more likely to achieve what you need them to achieve on your website.


It’s all about taking ideas and refining them into something excellent.

No idea starts perfect and the best way to get that perfect result is through an iterative process.
Trying to do everything perfectly the first time-around just doesn’t work, even with the best intentions.

Instead, we’ll help break down your ideas and refine them with prototypes, research and thorough planning — always building up from the simplest, solid foundations. We know this works and after so much success, our clients won’t do it any other way.


We keep things light so your users get what they need, fast.

We identify what really matters during our thorough discovery process by helping you to prioritise and condense content. This process always results in a user interface that encourages visitors to interact in a way that you want them to.
The process also results in lightning fast websites that perform well on poor connections and have a vastly reduced carbon footprint vs your competitors.

I have identified your superpower. Your ability to strike a balance between giving us what we wanted and not including elements that you believed wouldn’t add value to our brand was truly commendable.

- Akanksha Maulik, Capitalmind


We keep you in the loop and tell you exactly how it is at all times.

We get it; embarking on a design and development process is scary stuff. You’re investing a lot of money into a project and you need it to work well.
At all points in the process, we keep you informed and in the loop. We’ll also be straight-up with feedback and tell you things that we think you need to hear in order to improve across the board.
We’ll be your best friends, but keep you honest and in line because with that approach, the end product will be better than you could ever imagine.

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I worked with Set on a creative technology build that really set out to do something bold and ambitious from a design perspective. The Set team delivered a result I was thrilled with – outstanding quality to time and budget and a frictionless workflow. Unreservedly recommend Set and already looking forward to working together again.

- Tom Rhumbold, A Human Future

Technical approach

How we build excellent websites

We’re a rare combination of highly creative, highly technical and highly strategic people, all laser-focused on designing for the web and making sure everyone gets the best experience. This is how we get it done.

An opening and closing brace with an underscore in them, next to a square with smaller squares on the inside. The smaller squares are on alternative grid lines and rows. The square count reduces for each row.

Modern CSS

We structure CSS so it does as much as possible with as little code as possible. Using methodologies and the power of modern CSS allows us to super-charge your website’s front-end and make your codebase extremely maintainable.

Squares on a grid that get progressively smaller

Progressive enhancement

We build up with the lowest possible technological solution and enhancing it where device capability, connection speeds and context conditions allow. This helps us build for everyone – not just the minority of people that have fast connections and powerful devices that work well, all the time.

The letter a, getting progressively larger with grid lines that demonstrate this

Fluid type and space

We create type scales that respond to the viewport, rather than setting explicit values for typography and space. This allows us to set solid rules, knowing that whatever device, regardless of its available size, will be presented with perfectly sized typography.

Various wireframe components in a grid layout

Flexible layouts

We create flexible layouts that regardless of conditions – be it content or available screen size — respond in the most appropriate way. Giving browsers hints and space to do what they do best, helps your website handle tricky scenarios where breakpoint-based layouts consistently fail.

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Working with us

A focused process

We’re a strategic consultancy that specialises in creative web design and digital-first brand design. Our process is all about foundations and that’s what makes it work so well.

Foundational platform

Planning is at the core of any successful project. During an intensive, research-led process we’ll help you identify your project goals and exactly how to achieve them.

Flexible sprints

Instead of big bang moments, we operate in short, iterative and collaborative sprints. You’ll feel part of our team and everyone will be focused on the same outcome.

Focused projects

We identify what matters the most and frame our solution around that. It keeps everyone singing from the same song sheet and guarantees the quality of output that sets us out from the rest.

Formidable partnership

More often than not, we start small with clients then build out a long term strategy and roadmap with them. Those persistent relationships result in consistently excellent work that rocket-fuels growth.

web.dev wouldn't be what it is today without Set’s direction. The major redesign, with the new design and component systems they shipped have set our team up for the future.

— Paul Kinlan, Google