The Index: Issue #11

In this issue, we’re focusing on more minimal websites because you certainly can do less with more. Consider it a palate cleanser after a few issues of very animated websites.

Let’s dig in!

Bones co.

Bones co. homepage

This is just lovely. I’m always going to be a fan of monochrome design, just like we did on Every Layout. With monochrome design, the content is given more room to breathe and any spot colours that do show up, shine nice and bright, like the green dot in their availability component.

I also found myself nodding along to the heading graphic on their studio page because perfect is so often the enemy of good.


⚠️ Motion warning

Chilly's homepage

There’s a lot more colour in this one, but that’s because they are letting their fantastic imagery do all the talking. The UI elements are nice and paired back, providing a great balance. Very nicely done.

Low←Tech Magazine

Low tech magazine homepage

I’ve been a super fan of this site for years now. It runs off a server that is solar powered. They even display how much battery is left as the background.

The dithering effect on the images was a big inspiration for our site design too!


Tacto homepage

Lastly, this studio’s website. It’s got everything we love here at Set: massive type, loads of whitespace and great use of monochrome with spot colours.

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