The Index: Issue #14


Welcome back!

We’ve had a short break while we’ve been iterating (we’re big into that) on what this newsletter is all about. Using a combination of analytics data from our email provider and qualitative research, we’re making some format changes.

Instead of the focus of the newsletter being about stunning websites, we’re flipping it to be a bloody good reading list that also features nice sites too.

You might be wondering why? One of the reasons is that we’re struggling to find sites in the wild that look stunning that aren’t also full of accessibility issues. We’re not comfortable sharing links to those anymore. We’ve also received a lot of feedback at this point that the links we share are far more valuable, so that’s now the focus. It means the newsletter is much more lightweight because there’s a 100% reduction in images.

With all of that that in mind, let’s get stuck in.

Good links

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β€” Andy Bell

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