The Index: Issue #5

We’re already on the fifth issue of The Index! Time flies when you’re having fun.

There’s no particular theme this week, just nice sites and great articles for you to read.

Makers Bolt

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The Makers Bolt homepage

Here is a good example of how great design can make even boring contexts interesting. It’s just — y’know — bolts and stuff, but the creative manner in which the content is displayed is fantastic.

What I really like, though, is that the designers kept the product catalog nice and clean. Importantly, they made the catalogue content easy to consume and act on. Great stuff.

OHM Studio

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The OHM studio homepage

Sticking to this theme of boring made exciting, we’ve got coloured stools…

But gosh darn, this site is stunning. If you ignore the scroll-jacking (totally unnecessary, as per) and the criminally low-contrast grey links: the layout and typography is lush. The product imagery is fantastic too.

Let’s also give credit for a stunning name and brand combination — especially for fellow audio nerds.

Preferable Future of Food

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The preferable future of food homepage

You know the rules, if we share unnecessary scroll-jacking, we have to share a good example. This is definitely one of those.

Although the scroll-jacking is subtle (more like scroll snapping), the way the scroll-triggered animation tells the narrative is impeccable. The look and feel is also stunning — especially the use of whitespace and letting the beautifully written copy stand out.

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