The Index: Issue #10

Welcome to the 10th issue of The Index! Let me start this issue by thanking everyone who has subscribed to our newsletter. Extra special thanks to those of you that have shared and recommended it to others too. It means the world to us.

This week, to celebrate this milestone, we’re going to share some extremely creative, delightful stuff we’ve found on the World Wide Web. Let’s dig in.

Curious & Company

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Curios & Company home page

This site is frankly, wild. It reminds me of a Flash site from back in the old days — riddled with whimsy and a feeling that there is nothing holding the creativity back.

I’ll let you discover all the weird and wonderful details — there’s a lot — but one thing that’s frustrating is that you can’t toggle the sound very easily. Well, not until you open the burger menu. There’s certainly a lot of potential accessibility issues too, which is a shame because you can make stunning sites that are accessible.

Regardless, a fantastic site to play around with and enjoy.


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A grab of the Floor796 art project

Sticking with the weird and wonderful, this site is again, wild. It’s a big ol’ <canvas>.

From their about:

Floor796 is an ever-expanding animation scene showing the life of the 796th floor of the huge space station! The goal of the project is to create as huge animation as possible, with many references to movies, games, anime and memes.

I think that’s cool and it’s nice to see art projects like this on the web again.


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Current's home page

App/Service sites are generally pretty vanilla and frankly, boring. They’re driven by KPIs rather than creativity.

Current is probably also driven by KPIs, but that hasn’t stopped them introducing lots of creative flair into their landing page. The design is stunning too, with great copy, set in lovely large type that’s easy to read.

Above all, it seems like a handy service if you live in Bermuda.

Untitled Folder Wallet

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The Untitled Folder Wallet home page which looks like a Mac desktop

We’ll close out this issue with a cool project. Nik Bentel has created a wallet that looks just like a macOS finder folder. I think that’s just a cool thing to do and it looks really high quality.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re an Apple nerd. It looks like there are still some of the limited edition left too.

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